Jack or Sharon Jones
53 Squire Ln
Tunas Missouri 65764
Phone: (417) 752-3601

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Deposits are non-refundable

For any credit cards/debit cards, any type of plastic used on deposits or when pup is picked
up please add 5% to the balance. This fee is what it costs for the service.

Email us for PayPal information or:
Go to PayPal.com click on the "Send Money" folder, this will take you to the Send area. 
Type in knitehunt@yahoo.com in the "To" area
Type in amount sending, Currency in US dollars and "For" mark Service/Other.
Click "Continue" and finish filling out and send.

We now accept payments. Good way to have your puppy paid for before picking it up.

When Inquiring about a Puppy please include:
Your name, address and phone number.
If you are looking for a male or female. 
What litter you are inquiring about. 
What would you be using a Jagdterrier for.

To:53 Squire Ln
Tunas, MO 65764
Number and Street:
To send a email click on "E-mail Me" below