Our primary Blood Tracking breed for wounded game recovery is the Jagdterrier. Jagdterriers have a great nose that is almost equivalent to the bloodhound. Jagdterriers can take a blood track up to 36 hours old once it is a fully trained blood tracker.

Jagdterriers originated in Germany and they are known as German Jagdterriers and Jagdterriers. The Jones family has been breeding, raising and training Jagdterriers since fall of 1993.

Jagdterriers come in different sizes and coats. Here at Missouri Blood Trackers Kennel we have been breeding for certain traits. First and foremost is the wonderful nose for finding wounded game. Second is handling ability. Third is non dog aggressive or people aggressive.

Jagdterriers are for the serious hunter and blood tracker. Jagdterriers can be kept in the house and can be good in the house as long as they have a job to do and lots of exercise. They are a hardy dog. Smart and eager to learn. Want to please their owner. They are a great companion for the hunter and in a automobile being a truck or car. Off lead they will find game, being wounded or non wounded. They are a natural hunter and tracker.

It is recommended to train and work Jagdterriers in a harness and lead for blood tracking for wounded game. Jagdterriers are not a stay around dog. When not working they need to be kenneled, tied out or in a fenced yard at all times. They need to be hunted when not blood tracking. They are a very energetic dog and need to hunt or work their energy off.

About our Jagdterriers