Time to book your pup from our future litters

For more information give us call at 417-752-3601
or email jonesknitehunt@gmail.com

Call for more info. Shipping if needed is extra. A $200.00 deposit to book a pup.
 As always make sure to book your pup early.

ADD $50.00 per week for every week over 8 weeks old until picked up unless arrangements have been made in advance. Deposits are non-refundable.

 We have owned, hunted and bred this breed for over 26 years and breed them
HOW they suppose to be bred, how we like them to hunt, track and handle. 
Many of our pups go back to our original lines.

We can not control what sex, coat type we get.  Many of our pups will come 
with some white on the chest and may have some on the toes or chin. This
comes from our first Jagdterriers. When ever I see those markings I know
 what lines they go back to, our original Jagdterriers. 

After a pup reaches 8 weeks old price starts going up due to added expense. Shipping is extra. Shipping in the continental US is $350.00 (United Airlines $450.00) to $900.00, includes shipping, health certificate, shipping kennel and getting them to the Kansas City Airport. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada is higher, contact me for the price. 
Pups must be paid for two weeks before they are shipped. No personal checks
on the balance of the pup, must be money order, cashiers check, PayPal or cash.
We now have a PayPal swipe card reader for all credit cards. No puppy will leave until paid in full. 
If you change to another litter and your puppy has already been born, then your name is put on the next litter. This does not mean you are on the top of the list, but below the people that are ahead of you.
If you book a pup and we don't have enough pups in the litter, your name will go to the top of the next litter. If you turn down a pup out of  the 1st  and 2nd offered to you that your deposit is void. (Deposits are non-refundable)
Our Jagdterrier Pups come with:
1st round of Puppy Vaccination (if shipped they have 2 vaccinations) and up to date on wormings.
Health Checked by our Veterinarian (Health Certificate extra if not shipped by us)
German Jagdterrier Registry of America Temporary Registration Certificate
Sample of Puppy food
 We now except PayPal. Go to our Contact page for more information
If you have any questions call 
417-752-3601 or email jonesknitehunt@gmail.com
This page was last updated: April 27, 2019

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Book your pup now. $200.00 books a pup, 
total for pup is $700.00 either sex for Black
with Tan Points puppy. Shipping Extra

Ask about the microchips for your puppy.

Time to BOOK your pup
$200.00 deposit to secure a pup

For more information call 417-752-3601
or email: jonesknitehunt@gmail.com

Our pups 6-10 weeks old are $700.00 either sex
on black and tan point pups picked up, shipping extra. 
We can not control what sex, coat or 
if they have white on them in a litter.
Temperatures to fly a pup has to be 
between 85 and down to 10 degrees.

No Refunds. For some reason if you have to 
wait for the next available pup in another litter you
will have to do that. I can not control any problems
that may arrive at the health checks at the Vet. 

REMEMBER: We take PayPal and all Cards with PayPal.

I can send a money request from PayPal for the
amount a person wants to send. Makes it much easier.

Deposits are $200.00 per puppy
We go on when the deposits
come in not when you mail them.
The earlier you send in your
deposit, the earlier you get your pup.