Welcome to our world. Are you tired of losing that prized buck or prized wild hog you been hunting for all day? If you are then you are needing a Blood Tracker to recover the game for you. You came to the right place. Our German Jagdterriers are proven Blood Trackers all over the country. 

We have been hunting, working and raising Jagdterriers since 1993. We started with one and fell in love with her. It took us awhile to figure out Gypsy and she taught us a lot about her breed, the German Jagdterrier. We have always had KniteHunt Kennel and we decided that it was time to have a Blood Tracking site for our German Jagdterriers. 

We use our German Jagdterriers for blood tracking and a whole lot more. They are not only blood tracking dogs, they are hunted on all types of game including hog, coon, bob cat and trapline dog. You can blood track with these dogs and then take them out hunting for your favorite game. They are a amazing breed. One dog with many uses and easy kept.

KniteHunt Kennel is a closed kennel, meaning no other dogs are allowed in for breeding. By doing this we keep our German Jagdterriers breed pure. Keeping them bred right.

Check out the Owners Testimonies links. You will see that we raise blood tracking dogs by the pictures and articles from the people that own our German Jagdterriers. Get yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy your visit. 

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ALL our Jagdterriers are 
"German Jagdterrier Registry of America" registered, the ONLY registry preserving the Hunting and Working German Jagdterrier

KniteHunt Jagdterrier Owners: Send us pictures of your Jagdterrier and write something about the picture and we will add it to this site. This site is dedicated to all the KniteHunt Jagdterriers and owners
Our late great Mity-Mite
Mity was out of Zena and Dacks 
Sire to Black Mamba

This page was last updated: October 10, 2022

We have been raising, training, hunting and breeding the German Jagdterriers for since 1993.