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Subject: The pup I bought of u
Message: The male I bought of u this summer has won my heart. There is no reason to keep as many breed of dogs for hunting as this jag will just about do it all ! I am very very impressed with this breed and would like for u to raise me a female pup that would cross good with mine He is such a hunter at what ? 6 or7 mths old has already trailed and found a 10 pt buck. Hunts squirrels,coons, groundhogs ,wild boar, it would be Easyier to name what he won't hunt anyhow let me know if u can get me a female pup that will produce pups of this nature out of the male I bought off u. Thanks Derry 


My name is Trevor Grubb the dogs name is Gretal
she is owned by Danny Price from Claremore, Ok.
The person in the picture is Miguel Bejarano. 

Miguel shot this deer Saturday night we searched for
hours and were unable to recovery.  Danny Price is
my neighbor and I asked to borrow his dog (which
has had zero training on tracking anything) to find this
deer the next day. We took Gretal out to where Migue
shot this deer and she found blood before we did,
Gretal sniffed around for about 30 minutes and found
this deer 600-700 yards away! It was absolutely
incredible and I have never experienced anything like
it! The dogs you have there are amazing!!!


Hey mrs sharon brandy got her first track
tonight. She did very well. I am very pleased.

Todd Eberspacher

Just wanted to let you know that Si is doing great i have never owned a puppy like this he is a joy to work with.The little dude has no fear of anything.and he worked his first blood trail yesterday and done great,can't wait to get the female these dogs are going to be so much fun... Thanks Rob
I have been researching these terriers for a long time. There is a ton of good and bad info out there. I would love to have a Jagd that would be a family companion as well as a hunting companion. There is plenty of game and activities here in GA to really enjoy one of these wonderful dogs. My biggest reservation is that 99% of all the people you speak to about them say they are uncontrollable mindless devil killers and that they will make horrible pets. Until I really started listening to people who have purchased your dogs I was leaning towards a Patterdale. The problem is that the Patterdale is not the all around hunter that the Jagd is. In your opinion would one of your Jagds seem like a good fit or should I forget the Jagd and look for a more biddable terrier. Thanks, Brian from Georgia 
Hi Jack &Sharon,

We just wanted to let you know that Ares is doing great! It was good to see you, again last October when we picked him up.  He got his first possum within a month or so of being home.  He was really proud prancing around the yard with the possum in his mouth, that was bigger than he was.  He has gotten one raccoon so far.  We are looking forward to the fall hunting season to really get him going.  Hope things are well with you.  We will try to send a picture of him soon so that you can see how much he has grown.  He has the rough, long coat that Sharon is partial to.  We also love it! It is best for our climate up here in northern Iowa.  Talk to you soon.    Jason Woods
Just wanted to let you know Si blood trailed up his first deer tonight in the rain he got turned around a time or two but got the job done, for 5 months old I was very proud of him. Thanks Rob