Puppy Care at Missouri Blood Trackers and Knite Hunt Kennel

Our Jagdterrier pups are $650.00 picked up under 10 weeks old. This includes the puppy with a Puppy Registration Certificate. If shipping is needed within the continental USA, shipping will range between $275.00 to $400.00 for under 12 week old pups. Two pups of the same age or size can be shipped together for just a little more. Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and overseas shipping is more. 


A deposit of $200.00 books a pup. Deposit are non-refundable. This can be sent by personal check or money order. When it is time to pick up your puppy bring cash or a money order. No personal checks. If the puppy needs to be shipped the total amount for the puppy and shipping needs to be paid in full 2 weeks before shipping. No shipping arrangements or Veterinary appointments are made until this is paid. If a personal check is sent allow a extra week for your check to clear your bank.

Certain times a year it is almost impossible to ship a puppy. The weather can be to hot or to cold. Our puppies are shipped priority out of Kansas City Missouri airport. We ship on Friday only. No puppy goes by cargo, they are all booked and shipped priority to ensure they get the best and fasted flight to the nearest airport we can get them to for each person. Major airports are the best to ship in to. Connections are better, many times we can get direct flights out of Kansas City Missouri airport to a major airport. 

We encourage everyone if possible to plan on picking up their puppy. This way you get to meet the parents and meet all our Jagdterriers in what we call Jones Jagdville. 

How your puppy is cared for before you receive it. If possible puppies are born in the house. Once they are 2 weeks old they are started on a worming program. Mom and pups are wormed every 2 weeks. At 5 to 5 1/2 weeks old they receive their first vaccinations, Vanguard Plus 5. Two weeks later they receive another vaccination of Vanguard Plus 5. At 6 weeks old the litter goes to Dr. David Moore Veterinary Clinic in Buffalo Missouri for the Health Checks. No puppy leaves until they are Health Checked and given the A-OK from Dr. Moore. Dr. Moore gives a good health check. If pups are to be picked up they can start leaving at 6 weeks old. These mothers wean their pups at a early age. If you are planning on flying in to pick up your pup you will need a Health Certificate from our Veterinarian. Health Certificate fee is $25.00 added on to your pup when picked up. 

What we feed our litters: Purina Puppy Food. This way puppies can stay on the puppy food they are used to until they get older. This puppy food can be bought at any store you go to.

When your puppy leaves our kennel, a sample of the food it has been on goes with the puppy. You also receive the Vaccination and worming record of the puppy. This way you can change the puppy over to the puppy food you will be feeding with less stomach upset.  Vaccination and worming record have dates wormed and the label of the Vaccination on the record. This can be taken to your Veterinarian. 

We do offer PayPal for deposits and payments of pups. The PayPal fee is 5% added on to any funds sent through PayPal. We also expept credit cards at time of pickup.