Jack and his brother Jim
at trapping and hunting
camp in 1969
Jacks 1st Alaska
Silver Salmon
1965 - Jacks first Mt Lion taken with dogs in the state of Calif. with a small walker and a Masstaff Redbone cross
Taken in 1977 when Jack was trapping and hunting in Washington
This is Peanuts (black and Tan hound), Rascal and our grey fox Candy in 1970
Two good Walker's  Bazel and Lucy
Our son Rob, Jack and Gypsy after a coon hunt
This is Sonny Boy and a cat and coon he treed on a night hunt
Some of the dogs on a bear. Jacks  pointing at Sonny Boy in the pack
Sonny Boy, Blue Boy and Sonny's kids working a drag
Some of Jacks catch in winter
of 1969
Taken in 1970 when we lived in Pondosa. Can't see the town because of the snow. Jack ran a pretty good trap line that winter. Sharon and her dog Rascal
Jacks first Moose in 1975.
1400 pound Bull
Gold nuggets Jack found
in Calif.
Old Pictures from the Past