John Wood wrote: My little Tonka, now four months old, is coming along nicely. She has now been on three real deer bloodtrails and shows more promise each time.
This is the second deer. This deer left 4 drops of blood in the first 10 yards of the trail and then nothing. I put Tonka down and let her find the bloodtrail and she was off to the races for about 50 yards and then seemed totally confused. She hammered around sniffing everything in sight, but never lined out again. I picked her up and carried her back to the beginning and put her down again. This time, I dropped her lead and let her do her own thing while I closer examined the ground trying to find that 5th drop of blood. My buddy who shot the deer hollered at me to say that Tonka was headed into a stand of 10 year old pines and I might better catch up to her before i lost her. As I was trying to catch up thru the thick stuff, I heard my 16 year old buddy yell out "She found him, GOOD GIRL Tonka!" No blood that we could see, but she figured it out. The trail ended up being a little over a hundred yards thru some pretty thick growth. This could have been a lost deer without her.
This is the first deer that I put her on. It was quite confusing to her because there was so much blood. She worked all over the spray from the exit wound before finally lining out on the trail. The deer only ran about 40 yards, but it was a successful trail and I am proud.
From John Wood
"Tonka v.d. Jones KniteHunt" a Fly and Dacks female