From Glen Kreger
I've had my little pup on three deer in the last 10 days. Here is a pic of one he was on last night. I was about a 100 yard double lung track. It was through very thick cedar trees so I had to work him off lead. He went through a creek and picked up the trial on the other side and got off track one time early and checked himself and picked it back up.  

I took my 5 year old hunting last night.  He made a heart shot on a little nubbin buck with his little 223. The first thing out of his mouth was lets go get Speedy out of the truck. Speedy is our new addition and we just got him from Knite Hunt about 3 weeks ago. He has been on three mock trails until last night. I put him on a good blood trail and he immediately acted differently than on the mock trails. He was shaking and was pulling on the lead. He covered 40 yards in about 1 minute and there it was.  My 5 year olds first deer and Speedy's first live track. I couldn't be happier.
I took Wes Saturday morning and he shot a doe about 7:05 am. The video looked good so I put the pup down about 8:30 at the shot site. After a 100 yards I should have stopped the track and waited but I didn't. There was little to no blood and I would see a small speck about every 30 yards. After about 200 yards I saw the doe and up and walk into the brush. The dog was working to find the line and didn't notice the doe get up. I called the pup back and went back to the truck.  After waiting for a while I went to the site we jumped the bedded doe and put the pup back down.  He immediately found the line and started working through brush. All of this sudden he starts working a lot faster than my 5 year olds pace and he gets out of sight.  Since I didn't see any sign at all I figured he was playing instead of working at this point.  After about 5 minutes I hear the dog fighting about 350 yards away. I told Wes to try and keep up and I thought Speedy was on hogs.  When I got there the little pup was baying and every time the doe would start to turn he would run and try to grab her in the brisket which would turn her again. I finished her with my 45 ACP. Dog got a small hoof cut on the side but is fine and ready for the next one. I think he would have made a great hog dog but trying to keep him on just blood for our family purposes. After Saturday I will stop second guessing this little pup and just let him work. This is Wes' second deer he is pumped and he wants a hog next weekend.

"Speedy v.d. Jones Knitehunt" a Tiny and Billy Male