been used successfully on Wild Boar; the Jagdterrier maneuvers, from any opportune angle, to the side of the Boar and grabs the ear, hanging on and in this manner slowing and hindering the Boar. He has been used in bloodhound work tracking wounded game, given the scent 36 hours after the track was made. He will retrieve from land or water. It has been said that 3-4 Jagdterriers on a bear are like a swarm of bees, making the bear climb a tree to get away from the Jagdterriers. The Jagdterrier is also used for herding cattle and complete varmint control in barns, under houses, trap lines and many other uses.

The Jagdterrier is an intelligent canine, thus he is active and outgoing. He is ever so watchful and an excellent and affectionate companion for children. Being small he is easy keep in the home and travels well in a car.

At present time Jagdterriers are still being imported from all over the world expanding the gene pool in the United States.
Max was a dear friend of ours. Lex v.d. Walkmuehle was bred in his kennel in St. Louis Missouri. Lex was one great Jagdterrier and could crush your arm bone if he wanted to. He would literally crush the raccoons in to the ground and break every bone in their body. Very powerful Jagdterrier.

Max taught us about the Jagdterrier and helped us understand the Jagdterrier. He was always their to help with any questions we had. Jack would drive up and visit Max often and each time was a true learning experience.

It was a very sad day when we learned that Max had passed away. Max in our eyes was the Grandfather of Jagdterrier owners and their will never be another Max in the world. So much knowledge was lost. We are thankful that we had the time we did with Max.

Max Thiel Jr. and his Jagdterrier Illa v.d. Walkmuehle II. Max's father Max Thiel Sr. was one of the first people to bring the Jagdterriers in to the USA. Walkmuehle Kennel was the first Jagdterrier kennel in the USA.
In 1945, Max Thiel, Sr., lost everything in his homeland and he and his family fled to Bavaria. The Jagdterriers which he had bred and hunted since 1938 were now lost but when settled again he purchased Asta vom Mairhof and Naja von der Kammlach, two females. In June of 1951, he and his family came to America, Asta being bred, followed; from that litter came the old Freia von der Walkmuehle. Starting this new breed in America was slow but in 1954, Armin Schwarz, Sr.,imported the Champion Sire Axel vom Elsterbusch. The basis of today's fine stock of Jagdterriers in America is credited to these bloodlines and to subsequent enrichment by further importations. With more Jagdterriers being whelped in this country more people became interested in this breed.

Bred for reasons of hunting, his abilities would amaze anyone; the Jagdterrier if trained may be hunted on all marauding game, fox, squirrel, fowl and ducks. He will retrieve anything he can carry. His manner of hunting fowl is by flushing and retrieving. Marauding game re-presents an excellent chance of seek and kill. He has