Hello Sharon hope you are doing fine. Just wanted to let you no that I put Lucy on her first mock blood trail and she did awesome. I have been doing what you told me and that is putting a little bit of deer blood in her food and I believe that is what's driving her so hard right now. This is how good she is, after she worked the blood trail I took her inside and fed her put her in her kennel for a 2 hour nap and when she woke up I let her lose in the back yard so she can do her things and after she did that I see her with her nose up in the air and she takes off were the blood trail was and completed it again on her own. I really got to thank you for the tips you gave me, she is going to be one awesome blood trailing dog. Cris in Florida.

Well I finally got some pictures of Lucie and her first deer. She is doing wonderful and growing fast, as you can see in the pics. Thank you for everything and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Lucie is everything that I wanted her to be.....................Cris.

From Chris Garcia
Cris sent in this Update and the pictures of Lucie and her hog hunting in May 2008....

My good friend Mike shot the hog but hit it in the gut, it was his first hunt with a bow so it happens. When we got off the stand we could not find any blood, it took us about 15 minutes to find the first drop and it was not much. So we decided to back off and bring Lucie in the morning, my only concern was that the trail was going to be about 13 hours old and she has never been put on a trail that old, well when I put her on the trail she was off to the races and went about 85 yards and found the hog. It took her about 2 minutes to track that pig with little to no blood and the trail being that old, I beleive that she is well on her way.......................Thanks
"Lucie v.d. Jones Knitehunt" a Jackie & John female