Jagdterriers from
Knite Hunt Kennel
"Lady v.d. Jones KniteHunt" a Gretchen and Billy female

Sharon, I had a few minutes and I thought I would let you know how my dog is doing. She is a real pleasure to have around, their is no place I go that she is not right beside me except shopping or the doctors office. Around thanksgiving she found a big boar hog that had been shot the day before that we would never have found. The next day she trailed a 15 to 20 pound pig that a hunter shot in the back leg. When she got to it the puppy in her was gone and she acted like a full grown dog. At three and a half months she trailed a fallow buck that had been shot high up in the back leg over a quarter of a mile and bayed it in a creek bed. It was still standing but it had gone as far as it could go. About a month ago she kept a wounded 30 to 40 pound pig bayed till I could got close enough to finish it. It does not matter where she is are what she is doing she will come when she is called. She still has a lot of puppy issues that we need to take care of but that will come in time. She is also getting to be a very good watch dog. She weighs about 14 are 15 pounds now.

Thanks Keith

From Keith Reed