Good Morning all,

We thought we would write and send a picture to you. K.C. purchased one of your puppies in April of 2004. She is named Gretchen v.d. Knite Hunt - you called her Jill when he picked her up. She was born 12/20/03 from Mo-Jo and Jigger-Jagger. She is my husbands best friend and what a hunter. Over 30 coons her first year as a 1 year old dog is AMAZING!!! Currently she has killed well over 200. She is with K.C. 24 hours a day. In and out of the tractors, 4 wheelers, corn bins, combinds, horse stalls, semi trucks, and of course our pick up trucks. She sleeps on the bed with us (and my dog). She loves any babies of all kinds yet still tracks deer and hunts coons with a vengence. She has 'mothered' 2 litters of kittens (when we lost the mother cats) she has found and adopted a litter of Possums (I could have done without that one) and 4 baby coons that were in the hay loft (their mother had been hit by a car and they were looking for food). This one suprised us. She brought them one at a time gently to me at the house and wanted me to help them. 2 made it and they have been returned to the wild. We are the happiest people you could know with this breed and her!!

Thanks so much for her.
K.C. & Kelly Bergland

From K.C. and Kelly Bergland
"Gretchen v.d. Knite Hunt" a Jigger-Jagger and Mo-Jo Man female