Jack Jones wrote the following when he started working Beesue: Today was a good day. I got a call from a man who shot a deer but could not find it. I loaded up Mity Mite (The man) and Beesue a seven month female Jagdterrier and went over to his deer stand. He showed me where he hit the deer. We found blood it was a good track. I put Beesue on it. First time out. She took it, not real good, but she did start to track. The blood track went to fence line where the deer hung up for a time. Beesue got excited about that then went on working the track. I took Beesue off lead when I saw the track going down a small draw and a lot of blood. We went down about a hundred feet and Beesue found the deer. It was a easy track but it was her first time out. You can see her in the pictures.

We have found that the best way to train a blood tracker is on the actual find. You can work them a little on artificial blood trails at first, that gets their nose tuned in. Don't over do the artificial blood trails and do not over work a young pup. This breed loves the taste of blood. We give all our pups blood drippings when we thaw meat out. They love it and can't get enough. When they are done they are looking for more.
From Chris Randell
"Beesue v.d. Jones KniteHunt" a Heidi and Mo-Jo Man female
We are very sad to announce that BeeSue passed away at the age of 14. She will be dearly missed. Rest in Peace BeeSue.